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SLASSCOM TechKids is a non-profit voluntary education initiative implemented in collaboration with IKT Norge (ICT Norway) with the aim of inspiring the next generation to get excited about computer science and all things digital. The programme is designed with an interactive learning model such that the children will be provided a detailed activity guide for each project under each technology. Each child will be granted individual attention and will be motivated to attempt experimentation and self-study. The volunteer instructors will be provided a starter pack with materials pertaining to the projects carried out in the sessions. The two preliminary subjects would be Scratch and Microbits.

To achieve this objective, we would like to work with our member companies to create code clubs in their organisations and train those who volunteer for this programme. To ensure a consistent operation as a group, we would like to invite you to the briefing session for volunteers that will take place on 11th April 2018 at Sysco Labs.



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