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Adnan Mahmud (Founder & CEO of LiveStories)

Adnan Mahmud

Founder & CEO of LiveStories

Adnan Mahmud is the founder & CEO of LiveStories - a startup building data tools for non-technical users. Prior to LiveStories, Adnan worked at Microsoft for over 8 years. He is also the co-founder of Jolkona (, a Seattle-based nonprofit that provides mentorship and training for social entrepreneurs.

Adnan has conducted training in entrepreneurship and civic leadership in all corners of the world, including Kenya, United Kingdom, Greece, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Chile, Bahamas, Australia, and Guatemala.

Within entrepreneurship, Adnan covers topics that range from design thinking to creating good pitch decks to the lean canvas methodology. He has also extensively covered the biggest challenge in entrepreneurship - the fear of failure. He has experience talking to university students, young professionals, and chambers of commerce around the world.

Adnan draws upon his own experience of launching and growing Jolkona - a US-based non-profit organization to educate and inspire young people to be more community in their actions. He has led interactive sessions to design non-profit organizations, create compelling mission statements, build transparency into organization structure, and develop sustainable operational plans.

Adnan has a bachelor's degree from Angelo State University and a master's degree from the University of Southern California.