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Register for Mentoring Sessions for Technology Startups organized by the SLASSCOM Entrepreneurship Forum (SEF).

Pitch your startup idea to a well experienced, industry known panel of mentors. Last year the SEF conducted 8 mentoring sessions & guided many technology startups to develop and refine their products and business model.
Register at to book your free mentoring session before 5:00 PM on 15th February 2018.

For more information please contact Chrismali on 114062226/




Pitching Session

The structure of the session is as follows: You have to do a 6 min and 30 sec pitch according to the following structure: a. 30 seconds elevator pitch (Snapshot of your product/service/solution) - - - b. Next 2 mins on - Your clientele - How does client acquisition work? c. Last 4 minutes on other details d. 08 minutes direct feedback and Q & A Session with the mentors e. We select only 4 companies per session. After all 4 companies finish their pitching you will have another hour networking/mentoring with the mentors.

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